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IT and ICT Consulting

Customized IT solutions

IT and ICT Consulting

Building platforms to design and develop custom solutions for your company in order to create an efficient environment from a technological point of view.

The IT and ICT consultancy service is a technical service that embraces the implementation or modification of ICT infrastructures within a company or structure of a different nature.
When a company wants to equip itself with new IT structures dedicated to the processing and control of data, it does not always have the specific skills to correctly evaluate its real needs. In order to make up for this, the support of an external consultancy structure that is dedicated to carrying out a detailed technical analysis of the needs and related solutions as well as the overall scalability of the future ICT system is necessary.

Developing an ICT consultancy service requires excellent technical preparation to know the platforms, the different operating systems, the hardware resources and the possibilities related to synergies and coexistences and a clear strategic vision to study what the market offers and identify the functionally best solution for the company.
The selection phases of a specific file-system, the partitioning and clustering techniques, the study of the architecture of the processors used and the possible multiprocessing, the adoption of a server-based calculation model and the use of an SO rather than another are very delicate.
In the analysis phase it is necessary to evaluate the needs of the company in terms of continuity of the data management service, system availability, modeling of the data center according to the type and size of the data, management of any disaster recovery and consequently suggest the most suitable solutions.
Another fundamental aspect to be considered concerns the resources dedicated to storage and storage management which provide for the selection of the most suitable hardware-software technologies for data archiving (disk arrays, storage networks, tape technologies, disk drivers, etc.) .
Last issue to manage, but not least, is systems management. This theme involves vital aspects of the ICT system such as application management, understood as configuration and updating, synchronization, management of any software licenses, server/server maintenance, file transfer, management and optimization of system resources (printers, plotters, scanners, etc.), the distribution and installation of new software and security.

A prepared consultancy structure capable of correctly assessing the sizing of the system with certainty, allowing to avoid both an early obsolescence of the same and an excessive oversizing with low use.

Changing the way you work, saving time and resources is essential.