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Marketing, Web & Social Consulting

The art of knowing how to communicate

Marketing, Web & Social Consulting

Developing a good product, a good digital platform and selling your product/service at an attractive price is no longer enough to be successful.
It is strategically important to COMMUNICATE: marketing actions must be planned in an integrated manner in an overall and omnichannel media plan, creating one’s own image, managing one’s reputation, consolidating the continuous direct and increasingly disintermediated confrontation and guaranteeing the customer the best experience of purchase possible.

Image Consulting

Present yourself at your best, have a clear, defined, original image that reflects your identity. A trait that must be able to speak, but must do so in a unique and recognizable language.

Each company must have a coordinated image: logo, business cards, catalogs, newsletters, website, emotional video, etc…

Our specialized consultants develop the most appropriate creative strategy for every need.
A complete service that allows the company to make itself known, recognized and remembered by customers.


Website creation

Being online is necessary and mandatory.

Every company, of any sector and size, must have its own Internet site: today potential consumers are confronted with their needs on the net.

Our specialized consultants create professional websites, M-sites and social sites, defining both structure and content, as well as images and graphic aspect in order to create an attractive, immediate and unique product.
A service that allows your company to have a successful website in a few days.
Being able to better set up your showcase on the world is the basis of today’s trade!



“If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about it” Jeff Bezos

Harman Consulting has developed specific strategies for the entire process of creating, developing and enhancing your e-commerce.
Opening and managing an e-commerce business is a bold and demanding undertaking. To obtain satisfactory results, you need a deep knowledge of the dynamics of the online market and optimized web marketing strategies to enhance online commerce. Our know-how is the necessary means to make the experience of your customers the best possible.
The sale of products through e-commerce completely distorts the classic seller-customer relationship; customer approaches your business in a new way and you must always be at his service. It is e-commerce that speaks for you, with its user interface and its contents. An effective structure and maximum usability are the strategies that lead your company to success.

E-commerce consultancy can change the fate of your online store!


Marketing consultancy

Identifying the needs of the company and implementing the omnichannel strategies that plan its expansion. Our experience and knowledge of the market lead to unquestionable success.

Almost no SME today has marketing plans, while acknowledging that they are fundamental; in fact, they constitute a real vademecum of the company’s communication and strategic needs. The marketing consultancy service is the general strategic document from which the individual implementation sub-plans derive (communication, promotion, advertising, visual, social, web). Thanks to them, the expansion of the company is planned and starts according to a pre-established path towards the success objectives set.
The consulting service is articulated through traditional components up to the digital marketing mix:

  • content marketing
  • editorial and press releases
  • DEM (direct email marketing) and SMS
  • promotion/offer sites
  • crowdfunding marketing
  • SEM
  • display advertising/retargeting
  • affiliate marketing
  • SEO
  • georeferencing
  • Social media

If we lived in an ideal world, the best product would be the most successful, but this world does not exist; customers manage to receive only an infinitesimal part of the information available and know only a small part of the products that exist; therefore if a product wants to be successful it needs an excellent sales and communication strategy.


Web Marketing

Harnessing the potential of online advertising for your company’s sales development is critical.

The web marketing services guarantee the website maximum visibility, also free of charge, through studied indexing and positioning operations within the search engines. Positioning the site means not only being there, but also showing the prestige of one’s work.

Invest in advertising economically to make yourself known and compete with the whole world.


Social Marketing

Over time create a positive and professional virtual image from a commercial point of view, ensuring visibility and allowing you to define a close and immediate relationship with real and potential customers.

The millions of active subscribers to Facebook, Twitter, etc. they demonstrate how necessary and indispensable it is for companies and freelancers to have a “virtual representation” in social networks, which can define their good commercial-digital reputation and attract new customers.

With advanced and precise techniques of professional involvement, your followers will have a clear image of your reality day by day.


Press Office

Obtaining high visibility on radio, TV, print and the Internet, both nationally and locally, both in the sector and general media.

In the era of communication, it is essential to have an operational press office with professional consultants and press officers at competitive costs in order to be able to spread your message and/or your product.

Get visibility in the media to give great prestige to your brand.