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Startup Consulting

Dream, work, win


It is impossible to do a business without an idea, but an idea is not enough to make a business.
But if you have a good idea, we can turn it into a successful startup!

Harman Consulting makes its professionals available to those who want to create a startup, transforming an idea into a business. From the establishment to the eventual listing on the stock exchange, passing through the collection of debt and/or risk capital … in short, from startup to scaleup!
Harman Consulting offers business intelligence, corporate finance, image, mentoring and in general professional skills to those who have an innovative idea and want to create a startup, supporting them along a virtuous path that begins with the verification of the uniqueness of the idea and then define its business model.

After this phase, Harman Consulting helps the entrepreneur to produce the necessary tools to be able to communicate with investors: the pitch, the business plan, the whitepaper (ICO sector), as well as the coordinated image (naming, brand identity, website, catalog, emotional video, etc …).

Today, in fact, the financial success of an Innovative Startup is a mix of high professionalism which cannot be ignored: a high-level business plan, both from a qualitative (descriptive graph) and quantitative (financial, economic and equity) point of view and a clear, clean, defined corporate image are essential elements for being able to dialogue with banking and non-banking institutions in search of debt, risk capital or any public contributions.

Once the necessary communication is ready, Harman Consulting provides the capital search strategy that supports the creation and development of the startup in the pre-seed, seed, early stage, IPO (banking institutions, business angels, crowdfunding, venture capital funds, private equity funds, stock exchange listing).

Harman Consulting is itself a private business angel; when the idea deserves we put our own, because “success often arises where luck and hard work meet” (Dustin Moskovitz).